A Gifted Man on Watch – Update

[A follow-up to my earlier post.]

Despite tweeting and emailing the folks at Watch, no-one has replied to my request to confirm that A Gifted Man would be subtitled for the duration of Season 1.

Looking at the listing for episode 2 tomorrow night (14 August), it seems that it will be broadcast without subtitles.

According to Digiguide, episode 2 will be broadcast a staggering 21 times in August. I suppose I could sit with the remote control in hand, checking to see if any of those 21 showings include subtitles but you know what? Life is short! I’m fed up of having to trawl through pages and pages of the Sky planner to find an episode with captioning. What’s worse is that it’s often incorrect so you end up recording an episode or series only to find half of it uncaptioned.

So there we go. I won’t be watching any more of A Gifted Man. I wonder if the advertisers know that up to 9 million people won’t be seeing their adverts?

Final update, 14 August

Four days later and @UKTV_Press finally got back this evening to say that they’d check but here’s the thing – episode 2 is currently playing – with captions – but is still listed as being unsubtitled. “That’s great!”, you might say. Hmm, but are we really expected to watch each episode in the hope that the listing is wrong and that it will be subtitled? Will episode 3 be watchable? And episode 4?

I get that television companies are unable/unwilling to provide subtitling for all output. But come on – on those shows you do caption, please consistent and accurate in listings!

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