As of August 2012 this site is busily under construction, it’s just that I keep getting sidetracked by digital television channels not providing captioning* and by crappy quality video on teh interwebs. Vimeo, Google and YouTube I’m looking especially at you.

* A completely non subtitled series is fine, I’m happy to skip those. It’s the infuriating habit of providing captions for some episodes and not others, leaving those of us in the deaf and hard of hearing community to swear profusely at the tellybox and swear to ditch the exorbitant fees charged by digital providers for a second class service.

Me? I’m a forty-mumble year old woman of a Welsh persuasion with dogs and hearing loss fighting to stop becoming a second class citizen UK television viewer.

Ironically, I don’t watch much television, averaging about 3-4 hours a week. But is it a chicken and egg thing? Would I watch more television if closed captioning were more available and consistent? I hope to find out.

Since I spend far more time online than in front of the telly, I would definitely purchase/subscribe to more online learning resources if subtitles were available so I’m on a two-prong mission: an increase in the amount (and quality) of televsion and online video.

Have any ideas on how we can improve things? Drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you.

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