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Awake? Someone must have been fast asleep when it came to switching the captions on

I started watching the much-lauded series Awake with Jason Isaac from epsiode 1 on Sky Atlantic.Thoroughly enjoyed episode 1, set the series link, despite reading that it had already been cancelled in the States.

I’m always wary with shows on Sky Atlantic (they have a history of dropping captions mid-series) but by episode 8 felt comfortable enough to record episodes 9 through 12, checking only that the S listing was visible on each episode listing.

Big. Mistake.

I settled down last night with a big pot of tea and a dog on each leg to catch up with those episodes, ready for the 13th and final installment, Turtles All The Way Down on Friday 27 July.

Episode 9 (Game Day) was for the most part a run of the mill police procedural, both red and green killers obvious from the start to anyone with half a brain. But the Rex/Emma storyline took an unexpected turn and the final minutes had me keen to find out more about Michael Britten’s conversation with his wife Hannah as they prepare to move to Oregon.

I topped up my tea and selected episode 10, Slack Water… and realised that it was uncaptioned. As was episode 11.

Episode 12 did have subtitles – how nice of them! But I’ve missed a major chunk of narrative so what’s the point in watching it, let alone the finale?

Oh I know, it’s only a telly programme. But dammit, we pay top whack each month for the full Sky package – is it too much to ask that Sky be at the very least consistent – either subtitle the whole series or not at all!

What can I do?

I could go buy the series dvd but why should I pay twice?

I could find a torrent version – morally I think I have the right to do this. Unfortunately I’m (a) a big wuss and (b) so disheartened and frustrated that I don’t particularly care about watching the rest of the series.

And I won’t be watching anything on Sky Atlantic in future.

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