Love to Learn

I do! Love to learn, that is. So after reading the BBC News article, “Middle age begins at 55 years, survey suggests” I headed straight over to Pearson’s new site, Love to Learn.

My heart immediately sank when I realised that the videos are hosted at Vimeo:

Does Vimeo support closed captioning?

Vimeo does not currently support the use of separate closed captioning text files. If you want any kind of text to appear in your video, including closed captioning, it needs to be added to the actual video, like any other graphics.
We hope to have time to develop proper support for closed captioning soon.

Soon? Vimeo have been saying that for quite a time now and still no sign that they really intened to do anything about the subtitling issue.

So I put plans to purchase the quilting course on hold until I could find out the company’s plans for subtitling. Pearson replied quickly:

Thank you for your suggestion, it is greatly appreciated. We are currently looking into getting the videos subtitled, as this is an issue we have been investigating for a while. Also we are aiming to have future courses available with or without subtitles.

Great news! But given that this was such a big launch – with people like John Craven and Griff Rhys Jones involved – surely there are lots of other people out there put off by lack of captions. Over to Twitter and a very useful exchange with @PearsonLtL, with some great news this morning:

Hi Lisbeth, thanks for the idea, after testing our site extensively with 55+ market we’re looking to add subtitles urgently! >Mike

What a lovely way to start the day!

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