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Music on the tellybox

One of the hidden benefits of captioning is that some programmes provide not only the lyrics but the name of the artist of each song being used – a huge bonus for those of us who have trouble deciphering song lyrics.

(Let’s put aside the irony of background music making speech more difficult to understand.)

I’d love to see this done more regularly but in the meantime there are alternatives – TV cook Lorraine Pascale not only provides great recipes, she’s also put together Spotify playlists for every episode of Fast, Fresh and Easy Food:

It’s not often that I find fault with the BBC but I was catching up with back episodes of University Challenge last night and was delighted to see lyrics provided for the first music starter question (a snippet from Don Giovanni I think). Alas, the segments played for the three follow-up questions were uncaptioned. It might seem like a tiny thing compared to the vast swathes of uncaptioned programming on other channels but having the opportunity to answer all of the questions alongside hearing folk is, well, rather nice.

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