Once – at last!

I spent a miserable hour and twenty minutes a couple of years back trying to watch the film Once (I’m a bit of a Glen Hansard fan) but despite multiple showings on Sky Movies, none of them were close captioned.

So I was delighted to spot it hiding away in the wee hours (01:10 – 02:30) on BBC2 tonight.

Good old BBC.

3 thoughts on “Once – at last!

  1. Hi! I just noticed this link on your Twitter profile – was looking for the book jacket link. I loved the movie “Once” – glad you got to enjoy that late night screening. 🙂 But how maddening that a TV series would be only partially subtitled. I’m sure you’ve made complaints directly to Sky . . . I wonder who is in charge of getting things captioned, though.

  2. Nancy! I’m so happy that you’re the first commenter – I’m flying under the radar for a while as I sort stuff out and do some research but yes, it’s hugely frustrating and the cause of much cussing and cursing (once I’ve covered the dogs’ ears of course…)

    As to who is responsible for captioning, both legally and practically, well, it’s a bit complicated and I’m reading through a pile of stuff at the moment trying to make sense of it all. I’m not expecting everything to be captioned – far from it! – but the slapdash approach that’s currently in operation is almost worse than no captioning at all so I just wanted a place to rant about it. Ahem.

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