Sky Movies Premiere – 28 September 2012

I’d intended to make this a weekly post (listing what’s subtitled on Sky Movies Premiere) but after week 1, I managed to miss the second week (no time for telly!) so here we go with…

Movies on Premiere – week commencing 28 September, 2012

With subtitles

  • What’s Your Number
  • Losing Control
  • Johnny English Reborn
  • Miss Bala (English subtitles to Spanish dialogue)

Without subtitles

  • African Cats
  • As always, the publicity programmes that precede the movies aren’t subtitled (Rio Special; Resident Evil: Retribution Special)


Surprisingly, all but African Cats appear to be captioned on Anytime this week.


  1. The Sky accessibility page claims that there are showings of African Cat with subtitles. Sky Planner says otherwise. Waiting for a reply from Sky via Twitter.
  2. I’m especially disappointed at African Cats lacking captions because the grandsons are here this weekend and I’d hoped to watch it with them.
  3. Corresponding with customer support via Twitter is still… challenging. I think they genuinely want to help but don’t have any more information than I do. If they really do have an “accessibility team”, they aren’t on Twitter. Phoning them up is obviously not an option so that leaves email. The last exchange I had with Sky via email was a boilerplate “we meet legal requirements now bugger off” type response. Twitter is so immediate (and public, I’m hoping that other deaf and hearing impaired Sky subscribers will join me eventually) that I think it’s worth persevering, despite feeling guilty at clogging up people’s twitterstreams with something they’re not (yet) interested in and risking sounding like a broken record, week after week.
  4. It’s still difficult to work out which of the many Sky twitter accounts to post questions to – I think it depends on who’s on duty at any particular time. It doesn’t help when @SkyTeamHelp refer me to a completely unrelated Twitter account in error (@HD). I’ll compile the tweet exchange when the African Cats issue has been resolved.

Update, 18:00

Here’s the Twitter conversation with @SkyHelpTeam and @SkyHD from earlier today:

I was also sent a Direct Message (no idea why they wouldn’t want this to be public?):

Hi we have sent this to our accessibility team to check and will let you know as soon as we can thanks David


Thank you David, I’ll keep my fingers crossed but think am doomed to always miss the *one* film that week I want to see!

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