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Sky Movies Premiere – 7 September 2012

Each week Sky broadcasts 5 or 6 new films on the Movies Premiere channel. The subtitling is always a bit hit or miss but I’m especially annoyed this week because the OH has gone fishing for the weekend, I’m home alone with an endless supply of tea plus total command of the remote control and I’d really hoped to see Moneyball. It’s being shown about 20 gatrillion times this week, including Anytime and not once does it have captions.

Movies on Premiere – week commencing 7 September, 2012

With subtitles

  • Albatross
  • Battlefield America
  • One Day
  • The Big I Am

Without subtitles

  • Drunkboat
  • Moneyball


As above

I’ve asked @skymovies but I doubt they’ll suddenly magic them out of the air. Like Once, I guess I’ll have to wait a few years for it to appear on one of terrestial channels.

Update, Tuesday 12 September

Well, @SkyMovies ignored my requests but a tweet to @SkyHelpTeam a short while ago prompted a reply within three minutes, promising to look into it. In the meantime I’d gone and checked the Sky website only to find that both films are now showing with subtitles. Great news.


  1. The Sky accessibility page was not showing any listings for those two movies when I checked them on (I think) Friday. When are these updated?
    [Then again, I rarely use that page because it’s not the most accurate – a search for Weeds threw up episodes of gardening shows. And no, Weeds was not subtitled (I’d followed it on the BBC for the first three seasons before Sky bought season 4), something I am still annoyed about. Why yes, I do hold grudges for years!]
  2. I don’t know why premiere movies aren’t subtitled from the first airing – do they arrive by carrier pigeon on a Friday morning and some chap throws them on to the Sky equivalent of a projector while a team of subtitlers furiously transcribe the dialogue ready for the following week? No, I’m sure a huge amount of planning goes into what movies are shown each week – I just wish that that planning included subtitles.
  3. Both movies are still uncaptioned on Sky Anytime, as is nearly all of the Anytime content.
  4. How on earth do you work out which of the many Sky twitter accounts to post questions to? Looks like @SkyTeamHelp are the go to for the moment.

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