This is why we can’t watch series on any Sky channels

I had really been looking forward to watching Mad Men. I stupidly missed the first two seasons when it was shown on the BBC, where subtitling is guaranteed. Oh silly me!

So Sky Atlantic started showing Season 1 a couple of months back, great! I set the series to record and kept my fingers crossed, planning to have a Mad Men Weekend over a long weekend in September, watching them back to back with an endless supply of cocktails. Hic.

It’s twelve weeks since I started recording the series so I thought I’d best check on the captioning.

Episodes 1 and 2 were subtitled.

Episode 3 was subtitled:

Screenshot showing listing for Mad Men Series 1 Episode 3 with subtitles

…as were episodes 4, 5, 6 and 7:

Screenshot showing listing for Series 1, Episode 4 of Mad Men with subtitles

I started to wonder where I’d put that long forgotten bottle of Angostura bitters.

But I guess someone “forgot” to switch them on for episodes 8 and 9:

Listing for episode 8 of series 1, Mad Men on Sky Atlantic

Screenshot showing Series 1, episode 9 of Mad Men without subtitles

For episodes 10 and 11 the captions magically reappear:

Screenshot for Series 1, episode 10, subtitles on

Screenshot for series 1, episode 11, subtitles on

And poof! they’re gone again for episode 12:

Sereis 1, episode 12 of mad men, subtitles not supplied

It’s rather pointless to watch the series now, knowing that I’d have to miss at least 3 episodes so I’ve gone ahead and deleted them all.

Maybe I should try running for parliament just so that I can bring in a bill that stipulates that all “big name” television series purchased by Sky must be also given to one of the 5 terrestrial channels to broadcast simultaneously with guaranteed captioning. That’d show ’em!

[Apologies for the poor screenshot quality – I was cursing at Sky while taking the photos and I think the anger caused some camera shake!]

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